lunes, 8 de agosto de 2016

Gana Satoshis GRATIS con BTCClicks y BitsForClicks

Gana Satoshis GRATIS con BTCClicks y BitsForClicks


Te traemos dos Paginas para Ganar Dinero que en mi concepto debemos aprovechar

-.Están pagando y rápido,

-.Especialmente para aquellos que no tienen la necesidad de estar cargando     Faucets

-.De fácil venta por esta plataforma de tus Satoshis reunidos

-.Tienen un Nivel de Referidos Directos

-.Al igual que cualquier PTCBTCclicks tiene sistema de alquiler de referidos

Por lo pronto y en vista que ya hemos estado cobrando , las recomendamos.

Noticias sobre Trafficmonsoon

Para aquellos que aun creemos en lo que hasta ahora ha sido una gran plataforma, Trafficmonsoon, mantengamos la espera y no acepten nada de una supuesta vuelta de la plataforma, aparentemente es una suplantación o hackeo de la pagina.

Esperemos noticias oficiales y actualicemos la información  por acá

Y esta tarde nos llego este correo, el cual no vamos a hacer mucho caso ya que no esta muy clara su procedencia

Traffic monsoon member update e-mail
Traffic Monsoon 

Luis Quijada,

If Charles is dead safeguard has been put in place to carry out this business forward.

These safeguards are in play, but he is not dead.

We all together constitute traffic monsoon. This business is not just his. This is ours. We have benefited from the service. We earn money from this business. We all owe Charles huge debt of thanks for all the time, effort, and sacrifice he made to make this service.

We all stood behind this business. We have established this business. We should all stand proudly by our achievements together. This is our business, and I know you will not let all your hard work go down the tubes.

We will not let this PayPal end the business. We will not allow this united states security and exchange commission stop this business.

We know that the SEC is wrong. Charles does not provide any investment. Advertising is his service, and generously gives us surfers money from the company's profits.

We need to stick together now more than ever are.

Charles Scoville behind this site? No, he is not. When he was clear these false allegations, we will be happy to put this site to him.

This is not any need to do some by Charles, because he has authorized the event of death some will take action to carry on the business. Since he is not in the capacity of operating traffic monsoon, and has been court ordered not, and people needed to jump into action without any permission. We are for him to do so. We offer you, us, our team, and each member to do so.

Now - we invite you to support the arrival of the monsoon in traffic monsoon surf with us, and the reason is Charles. We hope that this business back in this industry full confidence. We believe that each member will login and surf out of sign of respect. Surf to get visitors to your website.

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Thank you very much my dearest friend.

Anonymous Staff

Correo original

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