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Trafficmonsoon: Ultimas Noticias

Noticias sobre Páginas de Ganar Dinero

Te presentamos un extracto de la situacion actual, segun https://www.change.org/p/charles-scoville-dismissing-the-court-case-filed-against-traffic-monsoon-from-the-sec

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6 Aug 2016 update — Charles, although crushed by the news of late will have most certainly seen this petition and your support and with his last few updates on FACEBOOK comes a new sense of hope and belief that we CAN beat the SEC and with this continued support, we have a real fighting chance.
As you are all aware the Traffic Monsoon website is down, Charles is going to need all the help he can get to fix, help and work out everyone's accounts and for that reason we have started a DONATION section with processors that can be used.
1) If you are willing to send a small donation even of $1 per member to any of the payment
option below, state your TM username so Charles at a later date can have a well organized list of members. Any donations higher will be very much appreciated by Charles.
2) If you do not want to donate, please sign the petition and share it as every vote now will count and the SEC will surely be taking notice.
Charles is aware of the petition and would like to thank you all. If we can raise even $0.50 per member for donations we can help TM and Charles settle this outside of court. For those of you that truely support TM and Charles this has completely ruined his life and savings to a huge extend that we are not even aware of. Please find it in your heart to, sign, share and donate if possible to our very good friend Charles Scoville.
Edward, Traffic Monsoon
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(Traffic Monsoon is an 'Advertising' based business and all of the members who have kindly signed the petition in the last few days fully understand that.)
Original post:
Traffic Monsoon members,
This is a formal petition to save Traffic Monsoonhttp://trafficmonsoon.com as a rightful advertising company from the law suit against Charles Scoville and the business from the (SEC) Security Exchange Commission starting on 27th July 2016.
The SEC claims that Traffic Monsoon is a pure ponzi based site and have continued to contact members of our business for the passed 6-12 months asking for their experience with the advertising website and company that now has offices located and joined with JP Morgan as a fully registered company in The USA. In the words of one of our most humble members of Traffic Monsoon:
'' The SEC does this to all businesses that grow where both huge amounts of money, bank transfers and tax is called in to concern. They will continue to hold, invest and use funds to their own advantage, hoping to win a case where without support of both the members of Traffic Monsoon and legal help will result in a very bad outcome ''
-David Miller, Traffic Monsoon member and Lawyer with experience of over 18 years in court cases filed by the SEC.
The Security Exchange Commission's intentions may well be to help members and we in no way shape or form are denying their intentions, however the members of Traffic Monsoon have a right to voice their opinion about the business and this will be used in the court case FOR THE MEMBERS.

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